Doing Calculations Sent by E-Mail

We can carry out calculations using our software with input data files provided by users. All of our programs use text-based input data files that can be developed with a text editor program (The files should not include any control or other non-text characters) There is enough information on this web site in the form of sample files and user manuals, to enable input data files to be generated. In the future, we will provide programs that can be downloaded free to check the input data for errors and to calculate the cost of the run.

When we have done the calculations, we will e-mail the results files and any graphical plots that may be generated. Graphical plots can be provided in pdf format files or as jpg files.

The following are the formulae used to determine the cost of using each program. They are subject to revision from time to time.

Calculation of software run costs for files submitted by e-mail. Prices are in US$ Total cost includes plotting of contours and grid and returning plots in .pdf files, with output file.

Model run cost is = A + N x (0.1+P/1000000) x S
A is a base cost for each run.
N is the final number of conductor segments.
P is a the number of potential points calculated.
S is a factor related to the ratio of upper and deep
layer soil resistivities. If the soil is layered, the
calculations are slower. The factor is determined from
the ratio of the resistivities to the power 0.25

A = $50.00

Examples of S factor
For soil resistivity ratio 1 :1 S = 1.0
For soil resistivity ratio 4 :1 S = 1.4
For soil resistivity ratio 8 :1 S = 1.7
For soil resistivity ratio 16 :1 S = 2.0
For soil resistivity ratio 32 :1 S = 2.4

Model run cost = A + N x B
A is a base cost for each run.
B is cost per node in model.
N is number of nodes in model

A = $50.00
B = $0.30

Model run cost = A + 0.2 x N x M
A is a base cost for each run.
N is number of nodes in model.
M is a factor based on the number of different
coating resistances used with the MULT parameter.
It is determined from the square root of the number
of coatings.
A = $50.00
Examples of M factor
For 1 coating M = 1.0
For 2 coating M = 1.4
For 3 coating M = 1.7
For 4 coating M = 2.0
For 5 coating M = 2.2
For 6 coating M = 2.4
For 7 coating M = 2.6
For 8 coating M = 2.8
For 9 coating M = 3.0
For 10 coating M = 3.2


Small model
Segments 50
Points 40x30 1200
Soil 1: 1 1.000
Cost $55.06

Medium model
Segments 600
Points 100x75 7500
Soil 1: 8 1.682
Cost $158.48

Large model
Segments 1800
Points 200x150 30000
Soil 1: 16 2.000
Cost $518.00

Small model
Nodes 10
Cost $53.00

Medium model
Nodes 150
Cost $95.00

Large model
Nodes 500
Cost $200.00

Small model
Nodes 10
Coatings 1
Cost $52.00

Medium model
Nodes 100
Coatings 3
Cost $84.64

Large model
Nodes 500
Coatings 8
Cost $332.84 Consulting Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Powertech Inc. For a full list of our services, please visit